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The Astronomical Observatory is one of the four departments of the Niels Bohr Institute for Astronomy, Physics and Geophysics (NBIfAFG), University of Copenhagen, Denmark (map). The other departments are the Niels Bohr Institute at Blegdamsvej and Risø, the Ørsted Laboratory at Universitetsparken, and the Department of Geophysics at the Rockefeller building. The Observatory is located in the Rockefeller building at Juliane Maries Vej 30, DK-2100 KBH Ø, a little west of Niels Bohr Institute at Blegdamsvej (see also the NBI map of northern Copenhagen and the NBI map and index of central Copenhagen).

Our current activities include instrument construction, coordinated by the Astronomical Instrument Centre (IJAF) , observational astronomy (predominantly at ESO and NOT/IAC), and theoretical astrophysics (in close collaboration with TAC and NORDITA). For a more detailed overview, see our annual report (also in Danish) and the individual home pages of our staff and students.

We maintain an email based distribution of general and local department news, and a list of NBIfAFG seminars and colloquia. We have a journal club, a visualization club, and a home page for large scale structure in the Universe.

We also maintain a collection of useful astronomical starting points in the WWW, some introductory items (mostly for local users), as well as some general WWW links that you might want to have a look at.

Directory information about NBIfAFG staff and student is available through nbiinfo (searchable), and as a plain list of AO phone numbers and email addresses. Directory information about Copenhagen University staff in general is available through the University of Copenhagen Phone directory.

Our local computer system is a mixture of SUN, SGI and HP systems, tightly coupled to the TAC and NORDITA computer systems (where a bug status report is maintained). Guides to local hardware and software are available (inluding a copy of the very useful LaTeX hypertext help), and we benefit from a general NBIfAFG distribution of public domain software (restricted) --- see also the full contents. We do most of our supercomputing at the Danish computer center UNI*C.

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 * Local people's pages: staff and students at the Observatory
 * Secretaries and their functions (in Danish, restricted)
 * NBIINFO: searchable index of staff and graduate students at NBIfAFG
 * Plain list with phone numbers and email addresses
 * Rockefeller Index (in Danish with clickable maps). Map of the Rockefeller complex
 * University of Copenhagen phone directory

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 * History of the Observatory
 * Danish Telescopes
 * The Universitys Annual Reports (1994 eng, 1994 dansk)
 * Research topics:

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 * Galaxy Formation and Evolution II
 * NORDITA Master Class in Physics, Copenhagen, July 26 - August 2, 1997
 * Computer Physics
 * Relativistic Dynamics and Visualization (Exhibits)
 * Astronomi 1.2
 * DAT-F
 * Cosmic Magnetic Fields & Dynamo Theory
 * Generel Information about courses at NBIfAFG

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 * NBIfAFG Seminars and Colloquia, Last announcements
 * NBIfAFG news
 * Minutes from NBIfAFG board meetings etc. (restricted; mostly in Danish)
 * Minutes from AO local board meetings (in Danish)
 * AO local news files
 * IAU Circulars and Minor Planet Electronic Circulars (restricted)
 * Nordboard
 * AO software guide
 * AO hardware guide
 * AO local communications guide
 * NBIfAFG distribution of public domain software (restricted)
 * NBIfAFG Publications, with Fill-out form

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 * Astronomy On-line - The Worlds biggest Astronomy Event on the World Wide Web.
 * Astronomical Student Society
 * The Observatory Journal Club
 * The Observatory Visualization Club
 * NeST (New Student Telescope)
 * Gamma (Physics Students Journal)
 * The Ph.D. web-page
 * Going out to eat (Østerbro or Nørrebro) or enjoy Copenhagen now

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 * Server statistics
 * RF net statistics (in Danish)

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